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What you will find here.

The Madore Family Tree contains over 3000 direct ancestors.  My four main lines are Madore dit Morel, Clement dit Proulx, Presse and Pitt/Pitts. 

You can see the Entire MADORE FAMILY TREE with all collateral lines.  I have included the direct ancestors with their children.  My family tree is not complete.  Some of the children may also be missing.  And some lines I’m stuck on.  But my research continues.  This is located on a different site and it may be difficult to get back to this site.  Just go to the home page and click on Return to the Madore Family Tree Personal Home Page’ and it will take you back to this site.

I wanted to show all the great photos I got from mom & dad.  Some go back 5 generations.  You’ll be fascinated by the photos our parents have managed to find.   The existence of some of these photos was unknown until recently.

There’s a page for each grandparent  MADORE ~ CLEMENT ~ PRESSE ~ PITT.  Each page contains the direct family line, a little history on the family, as well as some interesting photos.


You’ll also find all of our ancestors names listed on the DIRECT ANCESTORS page. 


And there's one page with over 60 STORIES on our direct ancestors.  Some of the stories you'll find relate to our ancestors being taken PRISONER by indians, one married an INDIAN PRINCESS, one returned to France to chase her INHERITANCE but her mother did not recognize her, another was a NUN but left the convent to marry, another couple was hanged for MURDERING their son in-law, and MORE...  All the stories you will read are about direct ancestors only.  Some of the stories don’t say much, such as ‘He died at sea”.


And don’t miss out on the HISTORY page.  Here you’ll read about the first immigrants in 1608, the King’s Daughters, why large families and even see a photo of Montreal in 1642.


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