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Which One of Lindsay's Friends Are You??
Brought to you in part by Lindsay

1. Complete the sentence "I..."
have a really cute dog.
have the coolest new purse.
am hot.
work too much.
am the coolest.
want to dye my hair again.
am very crafty.
love movies.
hate homework.

2. Your hair...
is long, and blonde.
is short, curly, and light brown.
is some shade of red, long, curly (but sometimes straight!)
hair? what hair?
Is very short, and brown.
Is medium brown today, probably another color tomorrow, and it'll vary again the day after that.
is perfectly thin and straight.
is very cooperative, oh, and dark brown.
my natural hair color, wavy, and short.

3. What is your take on LiveJournal?
I comment more than I update.
I like to make cryptic entries.
My entries are so clever.
I pretend I don't have one around my cool friends.
LiveJournal is evil. I don't have one and I hate the very mention of it.
I love LJ. I've met 95% of my friends list.
I use mine to spill my heart out, like a real diary.
I like it when I have cool icons, or to post cool quizzes or a summary of my dreams.
I love to make phone posts.

4. I like to listen to...
Eve 6, Incubus, that kinda stuff.
Denali, Rilo Kiley, Rainer Maria...
I listen to the Garden State soundtrack, a lot.
Every rapper in this world & Linkin Park.
Rancid, The Ataris, NOFX, RX Bandits...
Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, The Lyndsay Diaries, Boys Night Out...
Blink182, The Get Up Kids, Never Heard Of It...
Dierks Bentley, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts...
Rap and Metal. Or so I say.

5. Your method of transportation:
I don't drive. Well, legally.
Volvo, the car of champions.
A Beatles Beetle.
Toyota Corolla.
'01 Honda Accord. It's cooler than your car.
I used to have a car...then it got totalled...
I drive with a legal driver in the passenger seat!
A '97 Honda Accord. Four door, thank you very much.
I wish I had a Hummer Limo.

6. What are you good at?
Coordinating a really cute outfit.
Being witty and clever. You envy me, don't lie.
Driving fast, and saving lives.
Everything. I'm that cool.
"Jack of all trades, master of none."
Being crafty. And baking.
Hair styling.
Ice skating.

7. You spend the most of your time...
High school. At night I like to get dressed up and take pictures.
Travelling to and from NY, it seems. Oh, and going to open mic nights. And shopping for purses, or other cool things.
Loathing my rommate, mainly for her horrible calendars.
Work. I am never not at work, and it sucks, because my friends miss me.
In front of the computer, researching things...from classic cars to nutrition facts, I do it all.
Experimenting with make-up, taking pictures, or hanging out on LiveJournal, sadly enough.
I like to make really pretty things, and sell them. I also study a lot, but it pays off, because I'm super smart.
Watching CMT, or movies. I sure do like movies.
Drawing pictures. Not wanting to do my gosh darn homework.

Created by Lindsay