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~That Includes~
2005 i took this picture when it was 1/1/05 right on time at 12 O clock

 Lily doll my friend took this when we were driving morning tea .. so tats y i look weird~

 Wa ha ha ^^ i love the color white

RocaWear usually i wear ecko , pepe jeans. phat fram, nike, adias n so on but i love Roca Wear the best~~~!!

! !

turn UP ur speakers... %/lil/lily/kitty.XP/ %/t.O/kings/M.S/ %/12/20/sr;/font color> %/foood=strawberryXP/i(L)u:D/ %/foood=chocolateplants x( /i(hate)Youwho eva u r;D/ I love Me. !
*daily*monthly*yearly* piggy is so cute. hehe~piggy
MUCH dedicazhuns... lotzalove 2..VIPS +mz perfect:- +mz perfect:-Mag CLICKIE +mz perfect:-Max +mz perfect:-Maxie CLICKIE +mz perfect:-maggie CLICKIE +mz perfect:-chenz CLICKIE +mz perfect:-Li &&&&whoa too many mz perfects soo +gay lezbo:- shirley XP jk &&&&FINE ill add the OLD ass slappers frum amps TOO -.-" XP +OLD ass slappers:- chris CLICKIE +OLD ass slappers:-lewis CLICKIE +OLD ass slappers:- mikey
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