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updated march 8, 2003
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|| welcome!~ hi there!~ welcome to this little place of mine. as you can see it's still under lots lots lots of construction. but i am slowly putting everything up. as you can see. on the right side of this page. there is some things you need to know. just read where it says "What's Happening" to find out. again thank you for coming and i hope to see you all again soon though. take care and bais. also if you have time hope you can drop by my guest book to. just leave a message and i'll do my best to get back to you.

J U S T S M I P L E M E . . .
- Megan Lee
- Turning 15
- Garden Grove, CA [[714]]
- Hmong
- I Love My Baby Xai Vangsters

  • i'll add more THINGS later and actually make a new page for this part okais!~

    C O N T A C T S . . .
    please ONLY contact me if you need any help on something you don't understand. i do get really busy with lots of things okais.
    [[MSN]] -
    [[AIM]] - LiLoAn9eL88 or bAbieLEEgUh
    [[YAHOO]] -
    [[ASIAN AVENUE]] - 01SweetGirl

    S O M E P I C T U R E S . . .
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    new pictures and a NEW page for pictures will be added!!!

    S O M E T H I N G F O R M Y B O O . . .
    babe.. thank you for everything you have done so far. you've been the best to me. making me feel better and better each and every day. i know sometimes it's hard and etc... but babe we'll make it. we will. i just want to let you know that i love you and miss you so much. just thank you for everything... i don't know where i'll be without. *MUAH*

    What's Happening???
    August 31, 2002 Hey i'm finally back and YOU KNOW WHAT!! i decided NOT to have images and etc.. WELL NOT YET it's just because SCHOOL is starting UP and i don't have time to fix here and there. i'll PROBABLY i have some KOREAN PICTURES UP but that's probably it. SO yeah.. this page isn't CLOSED or ANYTHING just that i'll be thinking about it. OH YEAH btw if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want me to pesonalized a buddy icon for you just let me okais. I'LL THINK ABOUT IT... =) Thank you agains .. love you all *MUAH*

    August 25, 2002 WOW!! i am finally back in here!! LOL. Anyways here to update that i will start making banners, icons, and other thing soon. I'll post the page up in like 2-3 MORE DAYS okais. uhm.. that's all that is new. i have nothing else to say but just wait. Also more things are being fixed. Thank you for your patients agains.

    August 19, 2002 Well more things have been ADDED and also i will be ADDING more. For right now the other NAVIGATIONS will be UNDER CONSTRUCTIONS... those are what i am working on right now. so be patient and wait for those. thank you again...

    August 18, 2002 More things will be updated when i get a chance to fix more. be patient. i am slowly putting everything up so you wouldn't be so bored of seeing the same thing over and over again.

    August 10, 2002 Just to keep you updated... i am almost done with what i have to do. just gonna get some of this and some of that.... and *dumb rolls* everything will be up. yes it will... hehehe... this page is well.. to kinda help you find things if you need it. there's other things too but like yeah you know what i mean [[maybe not]] but yeah. okais i'm gonna go now.. and REMEMBER if you sign in my guest book... i'll GET TO YOU SOON OKAIS... *MUAH*

    August 6, 2002 WOW i am back now.. finally huh?? I haven't check out this site for a very long time. well anyways i AM still fixing this page and so be patients with me. i know i am too lazy.. *lAffz* but i'll get it done soon. yeah i will.. to the people WHO SIGN in MY GUEST BOOK. I'll back to yours too okais. thanks again. *MUAH*

    this site is STILL UNDER SOME CONSTRUCTIONS.. i'll put up everything sooner or later. I just don't know when yet. i still have some things to do. you know still need to fix some things and this and that. well you know. but sign in the guest book and come by laters okay. thanks. also lots of things we will be updated and etc... so yeah stop by laters. much xoxo -baby g

  • My Daily Thought/Ideas/Feeling
    march 08, 2003 Gosh I am finally back.. I mean I am trying to fix this page up. That's what I am trying to do. GOsh sorry it took me forevr to be back in here.. I almost forgot my password too!! haha.. how dumb huh? VERY.. hehe. Anyways I'm working on this Angelfire page now.. hehe. Gotta show what I got.. hehehe. Well gosh I am just missing my baybee Xai. Yes we're still together all this time. I love him so much also. He's the best ever. *muah* Sweetie.. gosh i love you and miss you so very much.

    august 31, 2002 nothing really. school is starting on the 5 of september.. so OMG.. freshman!! i can't believe it!! but yeah... anyways i have to get this PAGE FIXED!! mang... don't have time at all.. TOO LAZY TOO.. lol. but oh wells... and my life.. *sighs* going good. my boo xai, i love him lots *MUAH*

    august 25, 2002 life can be hard. you think you want to end it but really deep inside you don't. life.. to me is precious and i am NOT gonna waste my time at <3 baybee!! *MUAH* oh yeah SCHOOL IS COMING NEAR!! WOW!!! LOL

    august 19, 2002 well you know what i am getting better now. also everything is going a little better for me. hun, you know i love you forever. just you and no one else. you know that okais. also i don't know.. i might get to go the block next saturday.. so WE'LL SEE... right?? yeah we will...

    august 18, 2002 i am just happy that today is the first day that i can officially put up a little of my site. just really happy. =) hmm.. you know sometimes it's just so hard to believe and not to believe in things/someone anymore. especially when they ignore you the way they do and act the way they do. if they really.. i mean REALLY don't want to talk to YOU they should just say it out and just tell me out instead of hiding it inside and just showing if off by doing it. they should just SAY IT.. err.. to those people. but those people have really HURT me inside. i have done so much for them and in return they HURT me back. but i am just going to have to live with the fact that it's going to be like that. even though they are ALL so very close to me i won't hate them, i won't yell at them, i won't show my BAD side towards them, i won't say one awful WORD about THIS to them, and most of all i WON'T ignore them like they do to me. or should i say LIE to them and PUT THEM DOWN as they have towards me. well that's all for today though. also LISA is gone. left about two hours ago. i miss her. i miss her so much. she was one my best buddies that i can count on. but some how some where i'll meet her again. i love you girl!~ thanks for being there.