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KMQ Productions (K-Dub)

Whats the deal everybody, this is the one and only Kory "K-Dub" Williams represent'n Fort Worth, TX as well as KMQ Productions. I go the University of North Texas so that means anybody in the area I want yall to hit me up and let me know what yall think...... Oh, and if yall dont know what twisted up is, its just screw music but on a whole notha level. So check out some of these songs and email me (E-mail at the bottom of screen)and lemme know what yall think. Shouts out goes to my buisness partners: Quentin "Q-Tip" Arnold and Marcus "Tha Choppa" Mcgee. God Bless......K-Dub

Ludacris - Splash Waterfalls - Twisted By K-Dub. This song took me almost a whole night to do. Usually it takes me between an hour or two, but I put so much thought into this song cuz it be jammin, but thats why i'm the greatest right? Check it out and dont get lost!.
Andre 3000 - Spread - Twisted By K-Dub. This song only took me approximately 45 mintues to do (considering the length of the song) But this is a really creative twisted up song which is on Drawls Off Volume 12, my twisted up slow jams collections...and dont get lost in this one either! this is a mind blower....holla atcha - K-Dub.
Chingy - One Call Away - Chopped & Screwed By daT boI tiP. This song is chopped & Screwed by my business partner Q-Tip (of course the [Q] in KMQ Productions) and he helped me out on my latest volume of Drawls Off by doing a song he requsted to put on there. Check it out........