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H~Town first came to us in 1993 by way of Luther Campbell and ever since then they have been giving us great songs to listen to and love from Knockin Da Boots to Emotions as well as the many extra songs that were done for movies such as A Thin Line Between Love and Hate with the remake of the title song. which was done beautifully. H~Town (Shazam and Gi are continuing without Dino) I am sure that the new Cd due this year (Imitations of Life)will be another great masterpiece like the other 3 Albums. There are articles below the group pictures in tables for you to read more about this fabulous group.Hope you enjoy!

Group Pictures below the are from the Album covers to the appearance on the Robert Townsend Show to extra/other pictures...Very Talented and hansome men we got here huh?

Article 1
The first album which hit the stores in 1992 entited Fever For Da Flavor,featuring the smash single,Knockin Da Boots,which struck an immediate responce with the audiences. Both the album and the single sold over 2 million copies each.Officially making them contenders in the competitive music industry as part of the Urban vocal groups going back to vintage soul or "old school" rather than the typical New Jack Swing. Other hit singles on the album are: Lick U Up,Baby I wanna,and Won't U Come Back just to name a few.
Article 2
H-Town got thier break in the early '90s after being signed by Luther Campbell whom owned and operated Luke Record label. They were the only non-rap group carried by Lukes label at that time. Back in 1992, while many of the young male groups working today were unsigned and dreaming of success,H-Town (which consisted of singer/songwriter fraternal twin brothers Dino and Shazam and childhood friend GI),were living it.From the very beginning, it was clear that Dino,Shazam & GI had a major shot at musical success. For one thing, the trio, born and raised in the projects of urban Houston, Texas, had been singing together since junior high. "Dino and Shazam came up in the church, so singing was natural to them," recalls GI, and I was a big R&B fan, I paid attention to all the hot groups and the three of us were pretty serious about making it, even back then." The trio did their share of singing for audiences, but for the most part they stayed clear of the local talent show circuit. They preferred to develop their craft in the studio making low-budget demos. However, in '91 a live impromtu vocal performance for controversial rapper Luther Campbell who at the time was in search of new acts for his Miami based label was the one whom first recorded them professionally. Impressed, Luke signed the trio, now calling themself H-TOWN in honor of their hometown. Luke featured the group singing a remake of Mtume's R&B classic "You, Me and He" on his Luke In The Nude
Article 3
H-Town's second album, Beggin' After Dark in 1994 easily went gold along with the single,Emotions. In the meantime, they were in demand to appear on numerous soundtracks the hit single Part Time Lover helped place Death Row's Above the Rim soundtrack well beyond the four million mark.
Article 4
H-Town parted ways with Luke's label and went on to form their own label, H-TOWN MUSIC. Their parent company was Relativity Records. After forming their own production company and parting ways with Lukes label, the trio released their third album in 1997 which was entitled Ladies Edition. "It would be nice to sell millions of albums, no question." states GI, "But this one is more about taking it to the next level with the message and the music." Shazam concured, "We just wanted to say some things that haven't really been said by many artists from our generation. A lot of artists say things like, "this one is for the ladies," well when H-Town says it, we really mean it." "With this album, we wanted to show people another side." said GI he continues, "We've done the other stuff. We're not knocking other groups who still make songs that are insulting to some people, but our goal was to express ourselves on the other side of the fence. Shazam agrees, "Ladies Edition is H-Town writing songs about subjects that we felt needed to be spoken on. We wanted to tell the truth. We don't pretend to be saints, but we felt that somebody needed to speak on respecting women's issues." Dino adds, "We're focusing on the beauty of a woman inside and out. Woman is mother earth,the foundation and the back bone. The album is about respecting the women." Even as an independent organization, the group manages itself and takes a hands-on approach in their overall career. The tracks that became Ladies Edition were recorded in H-Town's private studio. According to Dino, "Once in the studio,our mandate was clear. We want everybody to know that besides being able to write our own lyrics, we can produce our music and show off our talents to our fans and critics. We're letting the audience hear the true H-Town sound which wasn't fully expressed on our previous records. We feel this album is the most complete because we did it ourselves. We reached and covered all bases and dealt with the important issues, without forgetting our roots. This is a throwback to when the old R&B albums came out with something for everybody." Women of the World 10/15/97 October 15- Houston based R&B outfit H-Town are set to release their first album in five years at the end of this month, a time that also ushers in a very different frame of mind for the group. H-Town parted ways with Luke, found God, and dedicated its new album, Ladies Edition to women of the world. The album cover on the back has a list of organizations for battered women and AIDS orginazations as well as an apology in its liner notes to women everywhere for what H-Town calls its "past disrespectful ways." "We're willing to take a stand as a group to show the ladies out there that there are some guys that respect women and want to take a stand and be on their side, "H-Town's Shazam told MTV News. "That's basically how we came up with the name 'Ladies Edition', cause we wanted to dedicate this album to the ladies. We feel that we made some mistakes in the past, with women, so we want to show the women that we got it right. Not only us...we are representing for a lot of males. There's a lot of other males, there's a lot of men out there that are doing the right thing, so we wanted to let the world know that H-Town, you know, we made mistakes in the past, and we just wanted to let the world know that we're sorry. We got it right, right now. Not only that, but we got it right with god too, mentally and spiritually with god. We are just trying to be some better men this year.".

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