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Please enjoy your visit to this website..this page was created for Keven A. Conner...he was truly an angel upon this earth. His presence here was short but meaningful, not only did this man inspire others to believe in themselves in order for them to achieve their dreams he also with the help of his band mates brother Shazam and long time friend GI made an album in 1997 for those women who had been in abusive realtionships...and if I am correct some of the proceeds went to the organizations listed on the back of the album cover(LADIES EDITION). He was very friendly and positive and loved his fans dearly. He upheld who he was from the day he stepped on the scene in 1993.The first cd was entiled (Feva for tha flava) then came (Beggin after Dark).But, unfortuanatly this man was called too soon to his rightful place in heaven with God.I know he used to sing to the LORD and to us now he can sing for everyone from heaven and let his everlasting spirit and love rain down upon us...and thank you so much for leaving a part of you here your beautiful daughter Keyja Nicole(to see a photo of her please click on the group link below,join and go to the photos section and it is there,she looks just like her daddy,very beautiful little gir),so I dedicate this webpage to you "DINO" and your family. You were everthing a mother and father could ever want or hope for in a son, more than a brother could ever need to Shazam,Shanora,Karmetha and Crystal, and more than a friend or cousin to GI and more than a lover to Teshya. No wonder everyone loved you so dearly you were and always will be the epitomy of what a man should be and whom the young men should model themselves after.You had style,grace,determination and character that no one could break or shake. The love and soul that you had put into your music will forever live on through us and echo in our hearts as we continue on carrying a small piece of the great love you had in your heart!Eventhough I never met you personally a part of me went with you and will remain. I love you, I admire you. I will teach my children of your love and faith in God hoping they will become just as intelligent, loving and everthing else you were and I will miss you terribly and you will always have a special place in my heart as well as the rest of those you touched with your kind words and indescribable character whose voice was most definitley that of an angel....Keven you and Teshya will forever remain in our hearts...I know that Teshya was very special to you and her family so in honoring you I honor her as well. May you and Teshya forever enjoy your new life in heaven and while you walk the streets of gold we know you'll be happy and thinking of us.So plese join me in honoring this man and what a great inspiration he was to the music industry to bring forth more male rnb artists as a group and solo. Lets pray that we all can follow in the same manner.
First I would like to share with you a poem a fan wrote for Dino so here it goes
Missing You It's hard to believe that you've been gone Away from us much too long, You will remain in our hearts This much is true, For we will always be missing you You fulfilled your hopes and your dreams, You, Shazam, and GI, Together as a team. When the road got tough at times You managed to pull through, Being the strong man that you were We'll always be missing you. You were loving, kind, and caring, This is very true, For everything you done you put you heart and soul into. That's why we'll ALWAYS be MISSING YOU.

Kevens Biography:
FAVORITE FOODS: healthy foods, apples, oranges, plums, peaches.
FEMALE INTEREST: God fearing woman, someone God sends me, no matter what color, nationality, or background, because I trust in Jesus Christ.
THINGS I LIKE TO DO: Praise God,read my bible, sings songs to God.
GOALS: Make it to heaven. Also make a positive difference in this world.
Above is a banner link that will direct you to a group that has been created for him...everyone is welcome to join so you can share your love for him and to him and his friends and family as well as all of your memories of this man. Please feel free to sign the guest book before you leave and you can come back anytime you want to, to see the updates on the site and see what others have said about this man and how he postively affected they lives...Be blessed and thank you again for visiting the site.
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