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Bakersfield Fishing Hole

May 27Th, 2000- Update for Pyramid Lake... PYRAMID ROCKS!!! Me and D. Smith went early Thursday morning and rented a boat. This is a huge lake with lots of fish in it!! Dave Caught Trout on Castmasters (silver)early on missing quite a few. We then got into Large and smallmouth bass on crankbaits and Powerbait Worms. I got my first smallmouth bass here!!! WOO HOO!!! they were biting all over the lake and I missed more than I caught but we still walked away with fish in the basket and wanting to come back again. NOTE::: If the wind rises up in the afternoon it will be miserable getting across the lake in the rentals. It's like being out in the ocean on a windy day so be forewarned..GET THERE EARLY!!! Stripers boiled everywhere and the limit on them is 10. Cats were caught by the roped area where the Aquaduct comes in. THE BITE IS STILL ON!!!!!! From Isabella that Trout are still on the bite by the dam. Use rainbow powerbait to get them. Unlike the local bait shops we only report the facts. I don't know how long they will last at this pace, but limits are falling daily there. Truxton Lake. Went to Truxton tonight and decided to flip some lures. Too damn hot for me.... but on the way out a local showed me a stringer of Bass (small) and one LARGE Crappie. It was in the 2 Lb class. He said his bait was (Shhhhh minnows). Nice to see good fish coming from a lake that is hardly fished. Hart Park. Well as you probably know Hart Park is dead... minus the hot Carp bite that is happening.One Carp was taken a week or so ago in the 20 Lb class. Use dough balls and lite tackle and you can pass the day with at least feeling the fight of a good fish. We are thinking about a Carp Tournament towards the end of the year. Let us know what you think. Alot of guys are having fun catching Carp, especially the big ones. Fishing is fishing in my book and if you wanna fish for Carp, then I am sittin next to you and joining in. Have fun Til next week.... You can help by sending in your pictures, fish reports and hot tips to


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