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I am a Beautiful Black Woman
Standing 5'ft 5 inches...Thick In all the right places...My Age is Legal (23)....I represent South Kakalak..

First Off This is a Thick GurlZ World & I don't Care What You Say...Im Thick N ALL the Right Places..What Man wants a bag of bones (hehe) ALL Men want some Candi..Melts In your Mouth And Not In ya Hand!!!!

The Name MzthickCandi
The Thick is stated for the obvious
Candi is because Im Too Damn sweet
I am a very Down to earth sista... Who knows what she wants and needs out of life
I am a full-time student & I have a full time job
I don't and will not Settle fo' Less..
I strive to be the best so thats what Im in search Of
On of my talents is Drawing
Its my relaxation
As well as Poetry
I like to go out to the club and to poerty Night
I rather stay @ home with a good dvd & chill out on the couch
Be it alone or with someone
My Dislikes are like anybody elses
yada yada yada
I am a very generous person
But dont take my kindness for weakness
Becuase I can be A BITCH when I want to
I like to keep things simple
Just Keep It real
Only P*%#ies Lie
Be Easy
.Did You Hit Mah Book..C'Mon Give A SIsta Some Love.


Style Im Rockin' This Month...(Crimpes)

Body Shots

Style I Was Rockin...(Double Strand twists)

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A Special Word To My T.B.(Teddy Bear)
I just want to thank you for Being my Freind..I appreciate it ....You just don't know how good it feels to laugh again.....Nuttin but love...For You!



My favorite Smell:

My Favorite Drink:

My Favorite Movie:


Be EASY.....Seksi