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Auto response from JeffbOy757 : Religion may also infuence the development of a young persons moral beliefs. However in many cases organized religion has not met this challenge and has presented the adolecent with guidence which is either too outdated or too hyprocritical to have any relevence to his life.

AFIpunker09 : hmm a religion awaymsh
AFIpunker09 : religion is a conspricy
AFIpunker09 : its therapy for fear of diing
AFIpunker09 : it minipulates you
AFIpunker09 : it works well on young kids
AFIpunker09 : since there imaginations are huge
AFIpunker09 : and they are gullable
AFIpunker09 : rgr
AFIpunker09 : then those kids grow up wiht the church
AFIpunker09 : getting stropng in beive the fakness
AFIpunker09 : and speard it to there kids
AFIpunker09 : and its a plauge
AFIpunker09 : church = plauge
AFIpunker09 : cross out the church
AFIpunker09 : there is no headline
AFIpunker09 : when the record skups
AFIpunker09 : *skips
AFIpunker09 : church is manufactured
AFIpunker09 : in a windowless room
AFIpunker09 : where buiesness men hang themselves
AFIpunker09 : rgr