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Andy Hallet

Andrew Alcott Hallett was born on August 4th, 1975, and grew up in Osterville, Massachusetts (a village within the town of Barnstable) on Cape Cod. Andy graduated in 1993 from Barnstable High School, and then attended Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he studied business with an emphasis on management marketing.

After moving to Los Angeles he worked as a runner for an agency and then as a property manager and personal assistant. When "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) creator Joss Whedon saw Hallett singing in a Universal City blues revue, Whedon conceived the character of The Host for the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" spin off "Angel", an anagogic demon who reads people when they open up through singing karaoke. Hallett was invited to try out and got the part, his first job ever as an actor.

Andy Hallett made his debut appearing on the 1st episode of Angels 2nd season entitled "Judgment" (9/26/2000). First known to viewers as The Host then later introduced as Krevlorne Swath of the Deathwok Clan (Lorne), his recurring character has been a fan favorite from the start. His witty sense of humor, hysterical one liners, and let's not forget his impeccable and original fashion sense give him a style all his own, and make his character and the actor that plays him easy to love.

Andy Halletts massive fan base is supported all over the Internet by several websites, fan listings and posting boards. This year fans were treated to a surprise, well deserved to the actor, when in the 14th episode of Angels 4th season, entitled "Release", Andy Hallett was made a series regular. The news of Hallett's addition to the cast and opening credits spread like wildfire, and massive support of the actor continued to pour from the woodworks. With success like this we can't wait to see what Hallett has up his sleeve, you can bet all eyes will be watching.

You can continue to see Andy Hallett on The WB's "Angel" airing it's 5th season Wednesday nights at 8pm Central Standard Time.
Andy Hallett is represented by Pat Brady of Cunningham-Escott-Dipene talent agency in Los Angeles, CA.