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This is us way back in 1947 when we were both very young...

Summer of 2001

Orpha and I had a wonderful trip together again this year. One nice thing about it was, we did not get turned around and come half way home before we knew it like we did last year. The tail pipe did come loose but we were only about 7 miles from the next town and as luck would have it, we saw a place that fixed tires and mufflers as we pulled into town. What a blessing! Later on when we got to my cousins, Tommy noticed that she was losing some oil on his driveway so she went to get it changed and to see what was the matter. They sent her to a garage then to have the valve cover gasket replaced. Come to find out, when she got home, her husband had a hissy-fit as his mechanic had replaced it before she left so Larry was going to see what happened.

We stopped to see my sister, Yvonne, and had supper with her. She had fixed something in the crock-pot so it would be ready when we got there. It was sure good to see her again. I had never seen her home since she moved but Orpha had stopped there on her way home last year so she knew right where to go.

As always, it was always fun to spend time with my cousin Tommy and his wife Belle. I love those folks so much. They have a few acres with a pond that you can see from their sunroom. Since I am an early bird, I was up watching that pond at nearly daybreak and I was well treated by getting to see a huge blue heron come every morning to fish.

Orpha did not stay as long with cousin Tommy (in Fairfield, Iowa) as part of her trip was for her 35th class reunion in Keokuk, Iowa. She stayed at a motel there for 3 nights. I talked to her Wednesday and she had got home all safe and sound without any further car problems.

Tom came over Friday afternoon to Tommy & Belle's and we stayed until Sunday morning when we started for home. We planned to pick up our dogs from the Vet's at 4:30 p.m. We made it home about an hour and half early so killed some time at the grocery store. It is always fun traveling with Tom. I enjoyed our trip home. It was also good to get back in my old routine again.

Cousin Tommy is an expert wood worker and is very gifted in the field of Intarsia. It is an art of wood inlay. He uses about 7 different native woods to give him the different colors for it. Tom bought one of his pictures of a little girl with a butterfly on her hand. Tommy gave me a small angel and a small panda bear and I have them on the doors of this computer station. Amy wants him to make her one with Koala bears and I see by the pattern in the book that it takes 68 pieces. Each piece is cut and shaped to fit together like a puzzle. This is one he made for Amy.

We ate out a few times while vacationing and that is the part I like as well. No cooking. Ha.

Orpha and I went to Nauvoo, Illinois to see how the restoration or rebuilding of the Nauvoo Temple is coming along. We visited one family that I had been good friends with when Tom and I lived there and they offered us lodging for the night. Bless their hearts. We had planned to stay in a motel that night and I have to admit that motels really are more fun. I get nervous in the morning when someone is taking a shower in the only bathroom when I get up. Ha.

We can't go to Nauvoo without visiting the candy shop so Orpha and I each got some fudge. I gave my cousin Tommy one box of it because he has a sweet tooth like I do. I found out that the building of the Nauvoo Temple has a web site so I can check that out from time to time to see how it is coming along.

Nauvoo has a population of about 1100 and the tourists have about ruined that little community. It has become a Mecca for the Mormons. They have built a huge motel there and the church itself is huge, seating over 1500 each Sunday so that shows you how many tourists flood in. You might think that many tourists would help the economy of the city and it might but all the shops are Mormon owned so they buy from each other. They love momento's of that area.

Every year the Mormon's put on a pageant in Nauvoo about life there when they lived there and that alone has a cast of over 600 and they practice for a week or so and then it is shown for a week. When I lived there I did enjoy going down the hill from our place to see it and to see friends there. It is very well done. It is on a 4-acre field and it slopes so everyone can see and the sound is great. In fact, I had no trouble hearing it from home. Smile.