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A funny thing that happened to me about 2 years ago. It is old news but funny. This town has only 1082 people in it so you would not think this could happen, but it did. I went to the grocery store and bought about 3 items, forget now what they were. I had to go to the bank and post office too so I left the car in front of the grocery store while I ran across Oak street to the bank. So then instead of going on across the highway to the post office, I went back to the car and got it and went up, and made a U-turn and parked in front of the post office and then went on home. The places I go to are on the same intersection, just different corners. So I drive home, open the back door of the car to get the groceries and they are GONE! Someone ripped off my groceries.

I called Tom and he told me to call the police. So the officer comes out here and asks me all about it and when he left he said, "I will get your groceries for you." I don't know where he thought they went. There are two homes here in town for the assisted living and what they really are for is the village idiots so I thought one of them might have taken it from my car so I go and drive up by their place and did not see any of them rummaging through a sack and some were out on the lawn. I mean, right in broad daylight about 10 a.m. my groceries disappear and then I did not know if they were taken while I was walking over to the bank or if they were taken while I was in the post office. I just could not get over it, not in Genoa.

Well I think it was about a month later when I was at WalMarts over at Columbus and I saw a lady get into her car. I didn't know her name but I remembered her from the day I had been in the grocery store and my stuff disappeared. She has a "hair-do" you don't forget. She is real tall, painfully thin, very wrinkled but has a whole lot of hair teased out and all over about the size of a bushel basket and she does that on purpose. So you know, she has distinctive features and you just don't forget her. She was getting in a black car and all of a sudden "bells and whistles" started going off in my head. A black car! She was behind me in the check out lane! That means her black car was out in front of the grocery store the same time as mine was. Oh No! I think I know where my groceries are.

So another week or two went by when I was at leaving the store as she was going in. I waited in my car for her to come out and I ask her if she had found some groceries in her care one day and she said she had and she wondered where they came from so she had used them and she said she would pay me. I told her I did not want the money, I just wanted the mystery solved. I never did call the police back and tell them.

Since we moved back here, Tom took me down to the store one day and this woman came out of the store about the time I did and I ask Tom if he saw her and he said he had. I told him she was the one that I had given the groceries to that time and ask him if he could see why I would rememberher when I saw her at Wal-Mart's. His answer was affirmative. :-)

August 1, 2003

Mary A. Layman