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Volunteer Time

Indecent DateIndecent TimeIndecent Type
FEb 01,100709:00Training
Feb 03,199707:00Training
Feb 06,199703:10fire
Feb 14,199706:00Training
Feb 17,199712:30Emergency

Backcountry Travel

Walking in the woods,whether as hiker,camper,backpacker or hunter,provides plenty of oppurtunities to practive the skills of a backcountry traveler... This is no way intended to be a course in backcountry safety or survival.Its you against the world, and we're not taking any responsibility for outcom.

When things go wrong

The worst thing you can do is to get frightened. The trully dangerous enemy is not the cold or the hunger, so much as the fear. Itrobs the wanderer of his judgement and of his limb power; it is fear that runs the passing experience into a final tragedy...Keep cool and all will be well... use what you have,where you are, right now.

Before you travel

How far can you go?

When choosing a location and route,take into account your physical condition,the terrain and weather you could possibly encounter...

What should you wear?

Proper foot gear is one if the most important parts of your journey. Study running shows are good for hiking on relatively smooth surfaces, such as maintained trails...
So you've plan, you've prepared, and now you're on the trail.And the worst part is, yo don't know wher you are. There's a four-step to do is STOP-- Stay-Think-Observe-plan.