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Son Güncelleme
Ekim 26, 2001


Our Gaulish friends are easy to spot: since they don't know fear, they are always ready to take on the most dangerous challenges. With a bit of magic potion and a large dose of humor, they lead us from one surprising adventure to another. But some essential values are also seen in the everyday life of the little Gaulish village: solidarity, chivalry and festivity.

Our friends the Gauls are very brave. The don't know fear, and are always ready to embark on the most dangerous missions. In Asterix the Legionary, they enlist in the army of their worst enemies, the Romans, and head off to Africa to save Tragicomix, Panacea's fiancé. Their mission is a success, and Panacea rewards their courage with a sweet kiss.

They are also great jokers; they love nothing more than a good laugh, and always look on the bright side. This really ticks off Caesar… He even has nightmares about it. In Asterix and the Laurel Wreath, the great Julius parades through Rome, without his laurel wreath, that was so skillfully stolen by Asterix and Obelix, to help Vitalstatistix win a bet that he could make a stew with it. Unbeknownst to him, Caesar is wearing a crown of fennel! .

However, when a friend is in need, there's no joking allowed. In Asterix and the Black Gold, Getafix has a heart attack when he learns that Ekonomikrisis, the Phoenician merchant, has not brought any rock oil, one of the essential ingredients for the magic potion. Asterix and Obelix, as his devoted servants, go as far as Palestine and cross the desert in searing heat to help their precious druid.

One of their favorite pastimes, even though it is a bit rough, is bashing Romans. Rowdy and unruly, they never miss a chance to make them look ridiculous. Obelix is generally one of the leaders in these fights. In Obelix and Co., his friends have a huge surprise for him on his birthday: he gets a chance to bash a whole army of Romans… He has a field day!

Our friends also have a fine reputation for being chivalrous. They take every precaution to make sure they can flatter their feminine counterparts. Except when these women butt into things that aren't their business. In Asterix and the Secret Weapon, the bard Bravura seems a bit too comfortable picking up Asterix and giving him a noisy kiss in the ear. The little Gaulish warrior replies to this in a way that is totally out of character: he punches her fiercely, knocking her to the ground. But he regrets it immediately, saying, "Oh, by the gods! What have I done? I've struck a woman, I can't believe it . . . It's not like me at all!"

But all's well that ends well… in a banquet. Long live the Gaul's boar and beer! Every one of Asterix's adventures ends with the traditional evening banquet: they eat and drink all night long, and their stomachs are full until the next day. Except for Obelix, who is always a little hungry!