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Ekobaltika Ltd.

Company Delmor Int. Ltd. - Distributor of Russian company "Setka" (Reshetikha), Czech company "Lanex" and others. - Sells and delivers on order a net and cordage material: threads, halyards, ropes, tightropes, network and miscellaneous from capron, polyethylene, polypropylene and others material. - Makes (on outlines and drawings) of instrument of catch: trawls, large fishing nets, traps, network, cloaks and others. - Delivers the products for rig of fishing gears, as well as chains, anchors, belt strops from different material, big-bags and others. - Advises on questions of improvement of fishing gears, selection (searching for and buying) of commercial mechanisms, technological and other equipment (domestic and foreign), usages of fishing vessels in different regions of World Ocean and others. In company work the specialists, having big experience scientific and practical work in fish industry, perennial relationships with specialists and companies of leading countries of world fishing. Our address: Svetly, Kaliningrad area, Fishing Str. 1 (the territory of ) tel/fax (252) 2 29 42.

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