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The Procedures of
Dry Docking a Ship


This section will cover the process of the ship entering and leaving the dock. The process is described as of a ship being dry-docked in the graving dock type. In the case of the other dock types, such as the floating dock, the docking procedure is somewhat similar but it will vary with the dock construction and may have its own distinct features.

The ship's crew is involved in the dock entry and exit along with the shipyard personnel. It is important that they maintain contact with each other in order to ensure smooth entry/exit. The ship's Chief Officer is mostly responsible for these tasks.

There are many preparations that need to be made by the shipyard as well as the ship owner before docking. These include timing schedules so as to avoid ariving with cargo on board or the ship ariving when the dry dock is being used by another ship. The process of docking and undocking must be conducted with professionalism and must be cost effective for both the ship owner as well as the shipyard. And as in every operation, safety plays an important part.


The Docking Procedure

The Undocking Procedure



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