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Dry Dock - Glossary

Keel Blocks
The term given to the center line blocks of the dry dock that the docked ships keel will come to rest on. They are usually made of 'oak' wood and may not always be on the docks centre line, especially when more than one vessel is being docked

Dry Dock Manager
A dockmaster who retains the ultimate responsibility for the complete working of the dry dock

Hot Work
Any work which involves a source of ignition or temperature sufficiently high enough to cause ignition of a flammable gas mixture

Cold Work
Work which cannot create a source of ignition

Hot Work Permit
A document issued by the authorities permitting specific hot work to be carried out in a specific time period in a deifned area

Critical Period
The period of time from the critical moment when the keel of the vessel first touches the line of blocks and ommences to achieve the position of being 'sewn' on blocks.

Horizontal supports, usually timber employed between the stepped sides of a graving dock and the ships side shell plating. Ideally shores would be positioned in way of deck stringers and framed intersections of the ships steel work.

Authority to Flood Certificate
A certificate which must be presented to the shipboard representative for signature, usually the Chief Officer, prior to the action of re-flooding the dock space and returning the vessel to a floating condition. Chief Officers are advised to ensure all required work is completed to satisfaction prior to signing such a certificate. The Chief Officer would also take time to check that all plugs have been returned to any tanks and that no personnel are still inside the docking area.


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