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We ain't even talkin' bout the game, man... we're talkin' 'bout PRACTICE ...

Diverse vocations and lifestyles have led to practice being split widely amongst the team members:

Daby and CMo can often be seen on the weekend utilising their brickwall-friend to help them reach the levels of Vince and Mason. One-on-one duels also are frequent and CMo’s neighbours often hear Daby whining “How come you can’t rip up our opponents like you can me”. To which CMo replies “I choose my occasions… I know I can do it… The crowd knows I can do it… So they better get ready for it”.

A new development on the practice scene has been the appearance of Melv and Tractor at the local university courts. This is usually just before the game and often leads to late appearances at the game because of unnamed change-room activities.

The Big Little Man enjoys a solo approach. Although on occasions he will join in with Daby and CMo, most days he works his abs out in other ways.
Watch out for the improving vertical leap.

Only one word is necessary for The Big O – Wheelers.

Although we have no official source, a close friend has revealed that much of Hung’s preparation involves cleaning the pipes. Considering the size of his assets, this understandably occupies most of his Thursday.

air cam
Originality : 9.5 / 10
Style : 9 / 10
Creativity : 9 / 10
(who would have imagined using a garbo-singlet??)
he's up there
Originality : 8.5 / 10
Style : 8.5 / 10
Creativity : 9 / 10
(it's all about the left Bi..)
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Daby in da house!!!
he's up there
Daby takin to flight..
air cam
The white-trash backyard version of MJ

back that ass up..