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The Dragonz started three years ago, comprising of a team of young hungry go-getters ready to make a splash in domestic competition at Jordanville. The original members consisted of:
The first game pitted the young and inexperienced Dragonz against a bunch of vikings named Olaf, Olga and Oleg, all being twice the size of our "centre". The nerves showed as the Dragonz endeavoured to a big 4 point first half, averaging 2 points every 10 minutes. Although they battled heroically, they ended up scoring 17 points for the game. Disheartened, the whole season turned out pretty similar, only gaining a few wins, with one thanks to a buzzer beating 3 from Dave.

With the sudden disappearance of Psycho Melv due to unexplained reasons, literally, and he his occasional reappearance for no apparent reason, coupled with the acquisitions of Albie Sin and the multi-racial South African Rachaad Mohammed Nazeer Omar Wasim Akhtar Ahmed Akram Mushtaq Abdulla, the new-look Dragonz were ready to compete. The new members fit well and although the team took to gel, Albert's outside shooting and Rachaad's constant cherry picking layups propelled the Dragonz into the playoffs, squaring off against long-time nemesis Air Quantum. Led by the big 3 of Dave, Cam and Roach Ass (Rachaad) who were inspired by the asian women on the bench, the Dragonz held off the little fat guy called Tony's brother (I think that's his name) who drained multiple 3's and Cam n Roach proved to be the better white boys than the white guy on Air Quantum. Next up were the guys from the local pub, sporting their matching drinking attire with tight blue singlets often seen in those advertisements on TV were a construction worker is drinking VB. A tight contest, but with the Dragonz at a huge height disadvantage, David slayed Goliath and comfortable won with a myriad of teamwork and cherrypicking by Rachaad. Now, the only thing that stood between the Dragonz and their first title was another big team. With a huge crowd of 10 supporting them on the sidelines, they started off on fire, nailing multiple open jumpshots and converting many fast break layups, racing away to a double digit lead. However, the inevitable came when the opposing centre realised that we would headbutt him in the balls if we walked into him, and started to assert himself down low. Clawing their way back into the game, it went down to the wire. Crucial turnovers and poor referees resulting in a heartbreaking 2 point loss.

Fast forward a couple seasons and the Dragonz underwent a new facelift. With Jon committing to slavery at Accenture, the team was in need of a new approach. Recruiting the #1 wannabe n*ggah in Melbourne, Mayur and the 6 foot Australian version of Shaq in Wally, the Dragon now competed at a much higher level. However, now the team tended to defer to Wally 99% of the time unless Roach Ass decided he felt like going on a shooting spree. Having a strong season, we were outplayed in the finals by a crappier Brentwood team and again did not play to our potential. The next season was even worse, with the Walsta not turning up to half the games and the Dragonz failed to make the playoffs. With the Dragonz disbanding, we realised a change of scenery was needed and we entered the Nunawading Basketball Competition sans Roach, Mayur and Wally, adding a new recruit in Hung Long, or David Chen. With Dave and Cam in particular ready to step in the spotlight, the team was re-energised with a renewed vigour to step into the lowest form of competition, F grade.

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