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For all you ppls who HAVEN'T come to support the mighty DraGonZ az yet.. this is what they look like. Check back soon for some live action shots, as well as an exclusive section dedicated to our MASCOT (aka sean) :

odd 1 out
JTLee, C Mo, Big O, D double L E, Albs and Smelf
dem boyz
Big Boyz - the triple towers..

Here is the culprit who broke C-Mo's pinky.. (Number 6 - Pete Sampras has retired from professional tennis to try and conquer the Dragonz)


Just shooting round.. spot the white guy


We got Jon showin his sculptured bod that has dubbed him J-Big


Hung Long is scratching his behind and nose at the same time, obviously due to his reknowned big fella causing some discomfort being wrapped around everywhere.. while Daby looks on amused..if you look closely, you can see that he is "excited"... and how he got his nickname.


Our handsome mascot Sean, who can easily adapt from scoring on the bench to stepping on the court and showing the team what he is capable of  (see above)   Possibly a future member if his soccer career does not pan out.


On a roll: The Almighty Dragonz pose after their 11th win from 12 games

Picture taken courtesy of Suyi Koo


Cam starts his dunk

Cam in the middle of his dunk

Cam finishes his dunk

Tenacious D from Melv, while Albie looks on

big boy with a lil whistle    Who's the man?!?!

back that ass up..