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Dragon Fansubs

Kodomo no Omocha

Eps 1 - 32

Good +

A classic comedy anime.

Kurata Sana is hyperactive girl.  She is a 12-year-old child actress in a TV show.  She has the power to do anything she wants and leads everyone around her into wild adventures.  She lives with her Mama (Kurata Misako) and manager (Rei-kun).  Sana's Mama is very eccentric and is usually seen with a kawaii squirrel (Maro) in one of her unique hats. She is an Aoki Award winner somewhat similar to a Pulitzer award.  Rei-kun is Sana’s manager and bodyguard.  Hayama is a 13-year-old boy, who always causes trouble at school for Sana and her friends. 


Yu Yu Hakusho

Eps 1 - 32

Good +

An action-packed anime.

The adventure begins when Yusuke is killed while saving a child . He was not supposed to die in the accident, so , Koenma sends Botan to help Yusuke to prove himself to be a kind person in order to revive him . Yusuke does prove himself and revives. After that incident , Koenma is impressed by Yusuke's skills and asks him to become the Detective of the Spirit World.  Later on Yusuke will meet some new friends who will help him battle with demons and monsters.


Sailormoon Sailor Stars

Eps 167 - 200

Good +

An action-packed anime.

At the end of the Sailor Moon Super S story, Queen Neherenia is trapped in a mirror. She vows revenge, and is freed by a mysterious stranger.  The Sailor Soldiers and friends will battle once more for freedom and justice. 


Marmalade Boy

Eps 1 - 76

Good +

A romantic love story anime.

Marmalade Boy is about a girl named Koishikawa Miki who is a junior in high school. She finds out that her parents are divorcing and remarrying a couple that they met in Hawaii. The couple has a son named Matsuura Yuu also the same age as Miki. It is the story of these two and how they discover love, overcome difficult periods and basically grow up.


Dragonball Z & GT



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