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D's Home Page

Welcome to D's HomePage (Scroll to bottom of page for childcare links in addition to communities listed below). I have put this site up and taken it down several times, because it has never felt quite 'right', something has always been missing, but this time i think its here to stay.

I have worked with children in daycare for many years and had the pleasure of looking after and caring for many precious and wonderful children. But none has come close to the honour i have had of raising my two precious stepdaughters. I have raised my daughters from diapers and love them as my own. This site and this song is just my way of saying:

'Daddy Loves You, more than anything in this world and you truely are my Pride & Joy, My Heart & Soul. My World'

I am hesitant to post their pictures on the Internet, but may do so at a later date. But when I'm not raising my daughters or careing for the future of the planet in daycare, i enjoy surfing the vast expanses of cyberspace.

Although my own HTML skills are very limited, listed below are some of the sites i've created and found in my surfing. Please feel free to visit my On Line Communities and/or visit the sites of some of my friends.

Virtual Child Care Communities

MSN Kid Kare

MC2 Kid Kare

My Own Tribute Site to JonBenet Ramsey

Tribute Pages to those who suffered in the Sept. 11 2001 Terrorist Attacks

Tribute To Victims and Families

Tribute To America

Tribute To Victims

Visit My Friends Pages

AJ Comics

Skeetz Audio/Visual Superstore

Karma's Home Site

Jim's Outdoor Adventure Site

Visit Some Of My Other Pages

Check out my latest book HERE

Paradise Shattered

Child Angel


Rants & Raves

Bedtime, Storytime

E-mail me you have any idea's for this site or would like your site link added.

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