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Updated 12/27/00:
"Independent Men" - Sporty Thievz

Updated 12/3/00:
"Have Your Way"
"Gospel Medley"

Updated 11/22/00:
"8 Days Of Christmas"
"Spread A Little Love On Christmas Day"
"Independent Women Part 2"
Separted Remix Video clip
MTV News
Vogue Fashion Awards Clips

Updated 10/29/00:
Independent Women Part 1 (Maurice's Independent Man Remix)
Independent Women Part 1 (Victor Calderone Club Mix)
Independent Women Part 1 (Victor Calderone Drum Dub Mix)

Updated 10/07/00:
"She's Gone" with Matthew Marsden
Destiny's Child Video Clips

Updated 09/09/00:
Independent Women (Part 1)
Independent Women (Part 1) Instrumental
Independent Women (Part 1) Acappella

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