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In Iowa, county highways are labeled. They provided a major role in the states network of roads. The numbers assigned may go from one county to the next. A letter starts the route number off, the letter shows if the county highway is a north, south, east, or west.

With the converstion of the Highways of the State of Iowa to a new server, some links in the County Highways of Iowa may not work, or lead to updated pages. County Highways of Iowa is planned to move to the new server in the future.

Allamakee County-Audubon County-Black Hawk County-Bremer County-Buchanan County-Cass County-Cedar County-Cerro Gordo County-Clinton County-Dallas County-Des Moines County-Dubuque County-Floyd County-Guthrie County-Harrison County-Iowa County-Jackson County-Jasper County-Johnson County-Lee County-Linn County-Lyon County-Marshall County-Monona County-Muscatine County-Osceola County-Pottawattamie County-Poweshiek County-Scott County-Shelby County-Story County-Tama County-Washington County-Woodbury County-Worth County

Info on the county highways in Iowa is compiled from the 2002 Iowa State Transpotation Map, 2004 Iowa State Transportation Map, and the 2003 Iowa State transportation Map for Bicyclists.