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Entry Form Help

bulletThis form best viewed at (MINIMUM) screen resolution 800x600 (smaller fonts) or 1024x768 (larger fonts). RIGHT click on your PC desktop and choose PROPERTIES/SETTINGS to check or change your screen resolution. (MAC users...... you're on your own here......)

bulletTAB key to move to next field(s) or use your mouse to click to the next field.

bulletBe SURE you filled out or checked EVERY field labeled in RED. RED means REQUIRED Entry. This is the most typical mistake.

bullet The DATE field needs a real DATE - type over the MM-DD-YYYY that is currently in this field.

bulletBE SURE TO INCLUDE an accurate email address. Your entry information is automatically sent to the show secretary. Once she receives it, she will email you a confirmation of your entry.

bulletDOUBLE CHECK for accuracy. WE can't be responsible for YOUR errors on this form.

bulletPlease submit ONE form per horse.

bulletOwners and Riders Must be CCC, Inc. Members.

bullet Still having trouble? Bummer...Email webmaster at