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1970 chevrolet chevelle super sport muscle car 454 & 396

In 1970 Hot Rod magazine claimed,
"The future may never see a car like this" How right they were.

     Welcome, this site is dedicated to the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Super Sport. Although few knew it at the time, 1970 marked the pinnacle of the Muscle Car era. Thereafter, rising insurance and fuel economy concerns effectively drove these cars to extinction, but, while the lived, muscle cars ruled the streets. At the top of the Muscle Car hill stood the awesome 1970 Chevelle ss454. When equipped with the LS6 option, the SS454 is likely the fastest production car ever built.

     Truly the "ultimate" muscle car, the LS6 Chevelle did everything well. Handling, braking, and comfort were the strong points, but the LS6 454's forte was brute force and acceleration. Fed by a Holley 800 cfm four barrel carb, the LS6 was conservatively rated at 450 horsepower and 500 lb.ft of torque, but in reality it was much more potent. Cold air was fed into the carb by the cowl-induction louver in the hood which opened under heavy acceleration. Quarter mile times of just over 13 seconds at over 110 mph were easily achievable.

     The '70 Chevelle's styling sported bulging fenders which alluded to the power lurking within, while bold, wide SS stripes accented the hood and rear deck. One of the most awesome cars ever to roam the streets, the '70 Chevelle SS454 LS6 is truly a legendary American car.

Order your very own 1970 Chevell SS454 Die cast Model from the Franklin Mint. This model is scaled 1:24, the doors, trunk and hood all open. It has been handcrafted to perfection and can be yours for the low price of $105.00.
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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

454-cu-in. LS6 Edition


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Comments on this awesome Muscle Car
MODEL COMMENTS----why its my favorite BY
SS 396/350 "killer styling, neck snapping, brutal performance" Anthony C--Staten Island, New York
ss 396/375 L78 "looks like a car on steroids" Billy--Fargo, North Dakota
SS 454/450 LS6 "4 speed Rockchrusher" Al B--Brooklyn, New York
SS 454/450 LS6 "450 horsepower just waiting on your command!!" Jose O--Jacksonville, Florida
SS 454/450 LS6 "tire shredding power, wide torque band" Glenn R--Bedford, Kentucky
SS 454/450 LS6 "body style, kicks A--" Corey L--Fort Atkinson, Kansas
SS 454/450 LS6 "sleekest and most beefiest muscle car" Brandon E--Plymouth, MA
SS 454/450 LS6 "unbeatable, very sharp looking" Andy H--Peru, Illinois
SS 454/450 LS6 "big block, 4 speed" Feri S--Budapest, Hungary
SS 454/450 LS6 "raw power, tough look" Chris A--Bloomingdale, Illinois
SS 454/450 LS6 "power bulge hood, dual blended headlights" Anthony V--Hewlett, New York
SS 454/450 LS6 "best G.M. car. A brute" Joseph E--Thunder Bay, Ontario
SS 454/450 LS6 "sheer breakneck take-off!!! performance numbers" Matt K--Beaver Dam, Kentucky
SS 454/450 LS6 "its one mean looking mother----" Carmella W--Amarillo, Texas
SS 454/450 LS6 "real heavy, but really fast" Chris C--Cheltenham, Pennsylvania
SS 454/450 LS6 "13 second, 1/4 mile times" Michael H--Tamassee, S Carolina
SS 454/450 LS6 "stump pullin, tire squealing, God awful power" Lorne D--Edmonton, Alberta CN
SS 454/450 LS6 "brute power, running low 13's out of the crate" Derek J--Dallas, Texas
SS 454/450 LS6 "incredible power amd breath taking looks" David D--Port Orchard, Washington
SS 454/450 LS6 "the essence of muscle car, raw power and speed" Roger C--Beverly, West Virginia

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The American Chevelle Enthusiast Society's (ACES for short) presents Chevelle-abration on June 7-9th in the Moss-Wright Park in Goodlettsville, TN. Chevelle-abration is the biggest Chevelle show in the world. Show off your own Chevelle or just come to look, either way you'll wanna be there.          (click for details)

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