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Chris E. Bovee
(954) 667-9530
resume051017 (at)
May 10, 2017


To secure a challenging position as a Software Engineer that will allow me to utilize my various platform design and software development experience.

Current Position
Self Employed (2003 – Current)
ZXSystems Software - Hollywwod, FL 33024

Software Engineer, Chief Architect, Admin of the websites, and other sites that are running on a Remote Ubuntu server with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP).
Revenue is generated by the adsense ads that are on those sites.

The website allows for searches for a domain name or IP Address and the search results are other domain names that share the same IP Address with the searched one.

The data that displays when searched was generated on a local server by collecting the IP Address (ARECORD) for every .com, .net, .org, .info, .us and .biz domain name and inserted into a MYSQL database to be uploaded when completed to the remote server database to be searched by users. This database table generation program was designed and written by me in php and runs in a bash environment.

Last Position
Manager of Firmware Development
Equitrac Corporation, now Located in Plantation FL.
December 1990 to March 2003
Reason for Leaving : Software Development Moving to Canada.

Previous to December 1989

Worked as a component level Digital Repair Technician.

23 years of experience in many facets of professional Software/Hardware Development which
includes design and implementation and debugging of embedded and non embedded systems.

Programming Languages Experience
PHP / Linux Bash / Assembly Language 8086 8051 / 8051 Franklin C / Visual C++ 6.0 IDE / Visual Basic 4.0 Visual Basic 6.0 / Embedded Visual C++ used with WINCE

Platforms Experience
Orange PI PC Development Board(Very Similar to Raspberry PI Board), Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Apache, MYSQL, Oracle Virtual Box, 8051 / 8032 Micro Controller Software/Hardware / Microsoft WINCE Operating System 3.0 and Platform Builder / Windows 95 / NT4.0 / Windows 2000, Windows 7 / Z80 Micro / 6800 Micro / Microsoft ISAPI Web Server Interface.

Hardware Experience
PC Hardware Configuration, Microprocessors / 8051 / 8031/ Z80A Micro controllers / Understanding of Digital Logic Chips. GAL Programming Fax Modem Hardware/Software Interfacing using Yamaha & Rockwell  R288F chip sets / 422 Multidrop hardware & protocol. / Hardware - Firmware Asm / C 
Debugging using a Emulator / Xilinx 9572XL CPLD Design with Schematic Capture in 
SH3 and SH4 design. / JTAG Software/Hardware interface to update flash memory boot
code via the Xilinx 9572XL chip.

Communication Protocol Design Experience
Enhanced existing products serial communication protocol.
Designed new serial comm protocol to control 8051 based interface board for copier and fax machine interface to accumulate counts. Protocol has parameter and flash code update capability.

Listed as one of the inventors on Patent #5,787,149 which describes a invention that uses the
Cellemetry and Microburst protocol on the Analog Cellular Phone system to transfer counts from 
Remote copy machines to a central system via the AMPS Cellular System. I designed and implemented the software/firmware for a embedded system that controlled the Ericsson Cellular radio set that was included in the  remote terminal that was attached to the copy machine. 
To See patent at and search for patent 

Misc. Experience
Hardware/Software Telecom experience offhook detection, pulse & DTMF dialing and reception,
progress tone detection. 
Interfacing with hardware engineers for new designs and problem resolving.
Device drivers for keyboard decoding & LCD interfacing.
Ebay Seller (sellsellbuysell) Experience with a Seller Feedback Rating of 660+ 100% Positive Feedback.
Development Experience with the Equitrac DCT (Copy) FCT (Fax) PageCounter (Fax Copy) Terminals.

Amateur Radio Operator General License.

Equitrac Products Worked On
Copy Machine (DCT) / Fax Machine Terminals (FCT) that detect copy counts and creates transactions that get sent back to a central systems via 422 drop.

Telemetrac Remote Cellular terminal for copy machine remote copy count gathering.

Internet Tracking Software called EPIC – Validates User and created transactions when user traveled the Web.

Simon Cellular Phone Tracking embedded Application

Copy / Fax subsystem 8051 based board with serial communication protocol.

New CE Based Copy/Fax terminal with copy and fax subsystem to obtain page counts from copy and fax machines. 

December 1989 – December 1990 Engineering Technician / Product Test
Prototyped and debugged new hardware Designs + Designed hardware test firmware for
8051 based terminals. 

Total Technical Institute / TTI
Computer Hardware Technology
Cypress Creek Rd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Visual Basic 4.0 Training at Executrain Miami 1 Week while at Equitrac.

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