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Antony - 1.18.2004

Happy new year to all you comic goers out there. Sorry about not having any updates for a while; I've been busy with school. To compensate, I've put up our first cheese factory worthy page, go check it out. Also, I have written a review for Final Fantasy XI, the first review on this site. If you wish to be a staff member, contact me under the email and/or aim name listed on the Contact page, along with your credentials, and I will consider accepting you as one of the staff on Blue Flame Comics.



Antony - 12.30.2003
I've slaved through the midmorning to bring this update to you, the people sitting behind the monitor. Blue Flame Comics is up! This is my first web page with this kind of layout, so bear with me if it isn't up to scratch yet. I'm in the process of getting our forums and getting a skin for them, so bear with me while the forum link doesn't work. We have our first few affiliates, Chaos Blue Comics, Next Century Zoids, and Zoids: Fatal Error. 

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