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Final Fantasy XI

        My fellow peers over at Chaos Blue Comics scoff at my addiction to this game. All I have to do is point out their addiction to Crystal Chronicles and they shut up quite quickly  ^_^. The continuation of the Final Fantasy series made by Square Enix, it breaks the tradition of the previous  Final Fantasy games by introducing role playing commands and a pretty much undefined storyline. The best part: it's online! You can socialize, make friends, and make parties with other real people from around the globe. Using an ingenious communication system, players have to option of "telling" a person directly, "speaking" to them, where anyone within a set distance can hear you, shouting, where anyone in a much larger distance can hear you, speaking in a party, so everyone in a party can hear you, no matter how far away they are, or speaking in a "linkshell" kind of like a chat room. You can sell items in the Auction House to other PCs, or you can sell them to NPCs in a store for lower prices. Besides battling, there are such leisure activities as fishing, logging, digging,  synthesizing items from other items to sell at the market, and just plain old role playing. The classes available for one to choose when creating a character are White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Monk, Warrior, or a Thief. The mages are centralized on casting spells, at least the white and black variants. White Mages cast spells used for healing other party members or enhancing qualities such as defense, and are thusly very popular in parties. Black Mages cast spells that deal elemental damage to creatures, and are affectionately known as "nukers." Both of these types of mages don't have great armor or weapons available to them, but then again, they don't need it. Red Mages, on the other hand, are a mix of classes. They can cast white and black spells, but they have to be at a higher level to learn them. They also have armor roughly on par with that of a monk or warrior, so it's pretty good. They can equip swords and other weapons usually reserved for melee fighters. Monks and Warriors are pretty self explanatory, both specializing in melee combat. Thieves are like mini warriors, they can equip much of the same armor and weapons. However, they aren't as well equipped for taking the hits, and are not used as "tanks" nearly as much as warriors are. As the name suggests, they are able to steal from monsters in the middle of a battle, getting quick Gil or items to be sold for cash. Other classes that one can unlock over the course of their playing experience include Samurais, Ninjas, Dragoons, Summoners, Bards, Paladins, Dark Knights, Rangers, and Beastmaseters. The only reason one might consider not buying this game is the cost of the subscription; it costs almost 13 dollars a month to keep playing. Only a small price to pay, however, considering all the opportunities at your fingertips. The graphics are magnificent, especially for an online game. 


One of my characters fighting a "Forest Fungar".


Another of my characters synthesizing an item.


Fishing can do wonders for your hair. Also your ability to breath underwater.

The game has a clock, and the lighting changes depending on what time it is.

If any of you people out there own this game and wish to contact me, my handles are Antony and Arthmac, and I am in San d'Oria.

This review is copyright of Antony Barka of Blue Flame Comics, and the act of stealing this content is punishable by law. Final Fantasy XI and Square Enix are copyright of Square Enix. The pictures shown are screenshots from the game and credit must be given to Antony Barka and Square Enix if you choose to use them.