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Hello, I'm Chester.

My owner Bernard and my friend Cadrap are making this page about me. So there will be continuous updates. Keep checking back.


I was born on August 22,1999 at Ridgewood Kennels in Elizabethtown,Pa. My mother's name is Ridgewood's "Can't Face The Music". My father's name is Ridgewood's "Innocent Eyes".



My Favorite Things

  1. Puppy Treats(a whole bunch)---In the summer heat my favorite cool treat is kool aid flavored ice cubes. They cool me down and it gives my teeth something to crunch on.
  2. Snow--I just love being in the snow. It's so cool and refreshing to me. I also like being in the rain.
  3. Toys---I like to have a lot of toys to play with.
  4. Pushing My Weight Around--I'm not an adult yet and I weigh 115 pounds. I like to let people know I'm there.

    Update---I'm now up to 123 pounds and I'm still not a year old.

  5. Camping--I like when I get to go camping because I get to ride in the truck and also to go swimming and hiking in the mountains. Now my owners have made a tubing raft for me. I like going in that.


    I really enjoy the campsite and surroundings a lot as you can tell from the pictures.

  6. Deviling Buddy-- He is the other dog in my home and he is 16 years old. I just love to pull him around by his tail and try to sit on him. [ha ha] It is fun when I don't get caught. But when I do get caught I have to go sit in the corner.

    My friend has passed away now. He suffered a very painful death. I do miss him very much.

  7. One of My Playmates




Guess what viewers? I had a birthday. On August 22, 2000 I was officially one year old. I am now an adult male weighing in at 125. Unfortunately I cannot do the male things now. My owners had me neutered. But that's ok with me. There are lot's of fun things for me to do.

I had a great birthday party with hats and cake. The cake was delicious.


Just a little info about me at one year old. My head measures 28 inches in circumference. My chest measures for a harness at 38 inches. My shoulder height is 27 inches. I weigh 150 pounds. Some people think I'm part Clydsedale.




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