Copyright Infringement Alert

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find Iraj Jamshidi's name attached to my article on "The Persian Nowruz." This article appears as "In Place of an Introduction" in my book entitled "The Nowruz Scrolls;" it was reprinted in Pardis, March 2003, pp. 60-61; and again in Persian Heritage Magazine, March 2004, pp. 36-40. Many businesses and cultural centers have asked for permission and used it to celebrate the Persian Nowruz, instruct Persian culture, and learn about their heritage. I have not had any objection to that and, at the request of some have added aspects that were not included in the original.

It is indeed sad that the editor-in-chief of Economic Daily of Asia should infringe upon the rights of fellow authors so blatantly. It is even sadder that the editorial board of Iran Press Service should not respond to calls to remedy the situation.

In any event, this is an alert to all of us who place our scholarly materials on the web for the use of colleagues and the world at large to safeguard against such infraction.

Iran Press Service version

Original Bashiri version