Sadeq Hedayat's Corner



Contribution of Bashiri Working Papers
to an understanding of the works of
Sadeq Hedayat, especially his Blind Owl

The Fiction of Sadeq Hedayat
The Life of Sadeq Hedayat
Hedayat's Learning
Social Setting and Themes

The Blind Owl
"The Message of The Blind Owl"
      A Personal Note

The Pearl Cannon (Summary)

Hedayat's Short Stories in English Translation:
      "Story with a Result"
      "Haji Murad"
      "Dash Akol"
      "The Stray Dog"
      "Don Juan of Karaj"
       "The Water of Life"
       "The Patriot"
      "The Dark House"
      "Three Drops of Blood"
      "The Requiem"
      "The Last Smile"

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