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This page is dedicated to all our babies who did not have a chance to be born.

September 18, 2000 12:34
Jan has had several miscarriages over the last 20 years. Eight in all. Several after I.V.F. treatment .We both find it a difficult and emotional subject ,even after all this time.Anyone else in a similar position may feel free to contact us. We can offer a "virtual" cup of coffee and a chat(sorry no cookies.
We are making a memorial garden to our babies.We gave them names, and are having a stone made. We have small rose garden with an arch and three small angels. Jan likes fairies so we have some fairies in there.We get our things from Past Times on the net, they have a good site.The shop we go to is in Cardiff, but online saves us carrying our shopping about, and at my age(51) every little bit helps.
We live outside a small villge called Nolton Haven on the Welsh coast.When we look to the west there is nothing between us and the U.S. but sea with a couple of small islands.The sea looks like one of the sea views in James Bond films.When Jan first looked off the cliffs she asked whet the dark stuff in the sea was.I told her it was the rocks on the bottom of the sea.I was born and raised in Blackpool on the Lancashire coast.If you are up to your ankles in the sea,you can't see your toes.I won't say why.The views here are spectacular.We live in a wartime radar station,an underground reinforced concrete bunker.We have our own electric supply.We run a Rutland 913 into telephone exchange and leisure batteries. We use a 500W APS Domino inverter to run the P.C.Anything of any use is on CD.And I can even dialup my isp off the CD.
A lovely being scarcely formed or moulded,
A rose with all it's sweetest leaves yet unfolded.
          Lord Byron.
The animations we found on the web at. Hope that link worked OK.If not,email us for the correct URL. Our computer failed as we trawled the net,looking for animations. Then when we were up and running again,it took me days to find them again. We've modified them a little using Paint Shop Pro. They are one animation mirrored and hue adjusted.[:]
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