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Athea E. Baraquio



           The project I'm starting to create is a vending machine. It will work like any ordinary vending machine. This is how my machine will work. It will hold beverages and chips(potato chips and others). In order to get a drink or chips from the machine, the user/buyer will choose from the products by clicking them. By the way, the products are displayed by the machine or seen through the machine. Once the user "clicked" a particular product, a message will be displayed if he/she would like to buy that specific product. If the user agreed, then another message will pop and will tell the user how many are available and how much is its cost. Then, the user should enter the quantity he wants to buy. Otherwise, he/she will choose again. On the other hand, after specifying, another message will appear and will tell him/her the total cost. The user will now give/enter his coins. Specifically, the machine only accepts five-peso coins and ten-peso coins. If the user gave/entered the right number of five-peso coin/s and ten-peso coin/s, then the machine will release/display the product he/she bought. In case, the user is waiting for his/her change, my vending machine is not returning any.


          As of October 1, 2005, I'm still working on the graphical user interface. I'm finished with the pop-up messages for the user. I've already specified the products that my machine will contain. Now, I still have to continue to work on the interface and make specific events and actions for every product and make them as effective as possible. Hopefully, my vending machine will work like all of the other vending machines. Hope I could finish it as soon as possible so that I could meet the deadline.