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Millions of viewers pick up their remotes and tune into channel 69, WWF TV. The WWF Attitude logo appears on the screen and a promo is seen showing the history of the old WWF and all the wrestlers that had graced the ring. The cameras then pan to the WWF crowd at the arena where it all started, Madison Square Garden, New York, as 22,000 strong cheer their heads off. The WWF RAW IS WAR Titantron glistens and pyros begin to explode throughout the arena. The cameras then pan to the two most famous announcers in the WWF, Jim Ross and Jerry ďThe KingĒ Lawler.

J.R.~ Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for tuning into WWF TV, and welcome back to RAW is WAR! What a night we have here tonight as Brock Lesnar squares off against Goldberg in the main event! (picture of them two appear on titantron and crowd cheers) But also donít forget, Bret Hart makes his return to Raw!

King~ Yeah, what a night itís going to be! I canít wait to see what happens when Vince gets here!

J.R.~ It has been 3 years since the last Raw is War and what a night we have planned for you here tonight.

EXECUTION hits the PA. The crowd cheers wildly as Bret Hart makes his long-awaited return to Raw is War.

J.R.~ YES YES!!! Bret Hart has finally returned to WWF television!

Finkle~ Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back, the excellence of Execution, former WWF Champion and legend, Bret ďThe HitmanĒ Hart!

He is handed a microphone from the timekeeper and then waits a few moments for the new york crowd to die down. He presses the microphone to his lips and begins to speak.

Bret~ Well, finally Iím back! (crowd cheers) After six long years the hitman has come back to WWF television. Now, I think you all know why Iím here. Leaving that asshole Vince aside, (crowd cheers) Iím here to obtain what is rightfully mine, and thatís WWF Gold. No matter what, no matter what Vince will and tries to do, I will be the WWF Champ again!!! (crowd cheers) Vince, you may have barred me from ringside tonight but mark my words Iím not done here yet. Ever sinceÖÖ..

NO CHANCE IN HELL hits the PA. The crowd boos immensely. Vince makes his way down to the ring.

J.R.~ Oh here we go, letís get it on!

Finkle~ Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Chairman of the World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon! (crowd boos wildly)

Vince~ (grabs a mic) Well, well, well. Look who we have here. Look who decides to show up to Raw., Bret Hart! (crowd cheers) You think youíre something donít you? Youíre nothing! (crowd boos) You were never anything in your career just like your brother Owen! (crowd boos)

Bret~ Donít you bring Owen into this, you were the one that had him do that stun you sadistic son of a bitch!

Vince~ (smiles) Sure, of course I did, but he was the moron that forgot to put his strap on!(crowd boos) Bret, you may be mad about Owen, hell, yer still pissed about 97, but yer really going to be pissed right now because Iím having you escorted out of this building! (crowd boos)

Cops show up at the rampway and run down to the ring. Bret begins to fight off the cops but they surround him and handcuff him.

J.R.~ This ainít right dammit, ainít right!

Vince~ Bye, bye, Bret, get the hell out of my ring! (crowd boos)

Bret is escorted out of the ring. Vince exits the ring and leaves backstage.

J.R.~ Well folks, Iíll try to be as unbiased as I can, but itís hard when yer talking about Vince McMahon, I mean the man has screwed more people than Jenna Jameson!

King~ (laughs) That may be true but heís a great man J.R.!

J.R.~ Well anyway, our first match is scheduled next as we see the debut of third-generation star Randy Orton!

Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio

Both men make their respective entrances. The bell rings.

Randy Orton completely dominates this match. Randy Orton starts the match off with a kick in the abdomen and lands the RKO. He lifts the legÖ1Ö2Ö3!!!!

J.R.~ Randy Orton dominated! What a debut for Randy Orton! Ladies and Gentlemen, the ext match is going to be one hell of a slobberknocker. Triple H from Degeneration X will take on the ever wild Shaun Hall, letís take you back to where this all started. (we see a pyro showing the events that led to this match.)

Both men make their respective entrances. Triple H high fives the rest of Dx and they stay outside the ring. The bell rings.

Triple kicks Hall in the abdomen and tries to hit the pedigree. Shaun Hall reverses it and irish whips Triple H right into the referee! The ref is knocked out cold. Shaun Hall exits the ring and grabs a chair. He re-enters the ring and yells at Triple H to get up. DX then eneters the ring only to get laid out by the steel chair! They roll out of the ring and Triple H stumbles to his feet. Triple H turns around and ducks the chairshot attempt! Hall turns around and swings with the chair again and hits the ropes causing the chair to hit him in the face! Triple H clotheslines Hall. He throws Hall outside the ring and sets up the Spanish announce table. The Spanish announcers yell at Triple H but he doesnít give a damn. He throws Hall onto the table and gets up on the table. Triple H sets Hall up for the pedigree but Hall backdrops him sending him through the English announce table!!!! Hall is laid out and Triple H is laid out cold. The crowd begins to chant holy shit. For a few minutes both men are out. Hal eventually gets up and picks Triple H up. He lands a few punches and throws him inside the ring. Hall reaches under the ring and grabs the 2 by 4 wrapped in barbed wire!!!! Hall enters the ring with it and yells at Triple H to get up. Just then Mick Foley runs down to the ring and warns Hall not to use it. Hall ignores him and hits Foley right in the face with it!!!!! Foley rolls out of the ring and Hall yells at Triple H to get up. Triple H gets up and ducks the attempt!!!! Triple H kicks Hall and ddts him. Triple H grabs the barbed wire and lays out Shaun Hall!!! The crowd cheers wildly!!! But the ref is still laid out!!!! Foley gets back into the ring all bloody!! Triple H picks up the bloody Shaun Hall and lands the pedigree!!! Foley delivers the countÖ1Ö2Ö3!!!

J.R.~ What a match!!!!! Foley counts the three count!!!!


HBK def Booker T

Goldberg def Brock Lesnar