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Wrestler Name : Bill Goldberg
Contract: 20 weeks at $200,000 with $10,000 signing bonus
Height : 6'6"
Weight : 275 pounds
Status : Face
Bank Savings: $10,000
Finisher : Jackhammer
Accomplishments: None Yet
Airtime: 50 lines
Strength= 6

If you don’t “believe the hype,” it’s time to rethink your strategy. Goldberg has not only arrived in WWF, but his intensity, brute strength, and savage hunger for victory have made him every bit the phenomenon he was when he competed for the old WCW. His career began with a legendary undefeated streak from 1997 to 1998 that included a victory over Hulk Hogan for the WCW Title. For four years, Goldberg punished everybody who came his way, staying at the top of the WCW ranks all the while.

As quickly as his star rose, it faded when WCW was purchased by WWF and the man disappeared for several years. Just before WrestleMania XIX, the fire was relit and Goldberg made his WWF debut the day after WrestleMania on RAW. The fire has now exploded and in a matter of months, Goldberg had defeated The Rock, put on a legendary display at Summerslam in the Elimination Chamber, and defeated Triple H at Unforgiven to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

If Goldberg’s first few months in WWF were a sign of things to come, the legend will grow even further and to whomever he asks “Who’s Next?” will come a lot of trouble.