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Wrestler Name : Brock Lesnar
Email: (they're brothers who use same sn)
Contract: 12 weeks at $180,000 with $5,000 signing bonus
Height : 6'5"
Weight : 295 pounds
Status : heel
Bank Savings: $15,000
Finisher : F-5
Accomplishments: None Yet
Airtime: 50 lines
Strength= 5

If Brock Lesnar’s first two years as a WWF Superstar were a sign of things to come, WWF fans could be witnessing the rise of one of the all-time greats to ever enter the ring.

After a storied amateur wrestling career in which he earned the NCAA Heavyweight Championship at the University of Minnesota, Lesnar turned down a possible NFL contract to pursue his dream of WWF superstardom. The decision would prove to be huge for Lesnar as his meteoric rise through the WWF ranks has been unparalleled.

He entered WWF as “The Next Big Thing” under the guidance of Paul Heyman, but quickly erased the word “next” from that phrase when he beat The Rock to become the youngest WWF Undisputed Champion, ever. Utilizing uncanny physical strength and quickness normally associated with men half his size, Lesnar has the ability to take on the biggest of big men or smaller grapplers who try to beat Lesnar with their speed. Thus far, nobody has been able to knock Lesnar down and keep him there.

Although he has not been around long, Lesnar has already engaged in a rivalry for the ages, one that has not yet reached its conclusion. Indeed, the Brock Lesnar-Kurt Angle series has already produced some of the most memorable matches in WWF history, including the WrestleMania XIX main event that stole the show and the first WWE 60-minute Ironman Match to ever be shown on network television. The Lesnar-Angle series features two Superstars obsessed with the WWF Championship. With that obsession fueling the fire, there are still several chapters to be written in this saga.

Brock Lesnar was once considered a future star. But thanks to his determination and special brand of athleticism, the future is now!