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Wrestler Name : Bret Hart
Contract: 12 weeks at $84,000 with a $5,000 signing bonus
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 235 pounds
Status : neutral
Bank Savings: $15,000
Finisher : Sharpshooter
Accomplishments: None Yet
Airtime: 50 lines
Strength= 5

On February 3rd, 2004, the WWF changed forever. Bret Hart, the same man screwed by WWF Owner Vince MCMAhon out of the WWF Title at Survivor Series 1997 in Montreal, returned to WWF television.The crowd arose on their feet to see the legend return.

But Bret was not met with a whole-hearted welcome. Vince McMahon, upon hearing the rumors, came out and spoke out against Bret Hart calling him a coward. Now, Bret has swore to make Vince's life a living hell just like Stone Cold Steve Austin did. Will this rivalry ever end? Time will only tell.