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1.Power Level - Walker's Ring is a unique setting. We have no power level restriction here. We assess characters based on the apparent and demonstrated ability of their player - which is to say, if you act in an unrealistic, disruptive, hostile, or 'powergaming' manner, no matter what your power level, you will be removed. However, if you play to the best of your ability, work within the hub guidelines, add to good RP, and are open to suggestions, you will most likely be allowed to stay no matter what your power level. This requires a good deal of maturity (mentally, not physically). Be forewarned. We review logs often, and will retro-warn and retro-ban.

2.OOC Setting - Walker's Ring is OOCly based on Dungeons and Dragons. This does not mean, however, that you are restricted to those types of characters alone. It is simply the 'feel' we are going for. Some links to various D&D resources are provided on the homepage. Obviously, we are not making money off this or trying to claim D&D as ours, so please, if you're from WOTC, don't sue us.

3.IC Setting - Walker's Ring is the capitol city of an independant island nation in the seas south of Bayocean. It is situated on the coast, which means it has a port. To the east of it is a forest (Boneflute Wilds) and to the south out of the city is grasslands and hills. In the center of the continent is a strange castle which cannot be reached by normal means. None of the other cities of the island are currently represented by rooms, as we want to keep all RP in the capitol.

4.Vampires, Lycanthropes, and Dragons - oh my! Since Walker's Ring is a stereotypical D&D high fantasy setting, there are vampires, werecreatures, dragons, undead, and the like. However, these are 95% NPC characters, as in any fantasy novel. The rare good vampire, civilized werewolf, or kindly, interactive dragon is just that - rare. We do not want to discourage you from playing these characters at all, but be warned that we reserve the right to say 'no' if we suspect it will cause problems. Also, all such creatures should restrain themselves to standerd mythological abilities and weaknesses. If you are unsure what this means, refer to the webpage. No White Wolf style characters, please.

5.The city never sleeps. This should be easy to abide by, but it can be difficult to remember that even when your PC is alone in a room, there are often NPCs around. Such as guards. Walker's Ring is well patrolled and crimes do not go ignored. This is in part for a realism factor, and in part because we do not want to encourage mass-murderer/psycopathic/crazed thief rampages. It disrupts RP and does little more than make one person feel cool and everyone else feel annoyed. Logs will be checked for such incidents.

6.Come to play This is not so much a rule as a request. This is a Hardcore RP room. That means that, if you come, you are not only here to RP, but to do it... uh, hard. Roleplaying does not mean sitting around silently narrating your every move and refusing to interact with anyone. Roleplay means talking to people, creating storylines together, and actually developing relationships between characters for something other than fighting or cybering. If you are only looking to spar or cyber, do it somewhere else.

7.Rooms and Storylines If you would like to make your own room in Walker's Ring, go ahead. Just please don't make it a private cyber parlor, or any other sort of room that goes directly against the feel/rules of Walker's Ring. If you would like it added to the dropdown menus, e-mail Boneflower at

The same goes for storylines. While we plan to narrate evenings and provide some story fuel, we would also love to see players create their own storylines. Our only requirements are that they A. do not deviate from the feel/rules of the setting and B. do not drastically alter the setting without Boneflower's approval. She'd hate to wake up one day and find the city burned down or something...