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This page is under construction. Check back soon for more information. A quick rundown while the full laws are being created:

1. Government - Walker's Ring is ruled by a regent, currently an Elven man named Malec Dragoneye, who was chosen by the Temple of Luna according to certain skills and signs. He is advised by a set of five ministers - one for the merchant class (Faeran, the patriach of house Unnai); one for the druids of the south (an Elf named Il'a'dea of the Heath); the high priest of Luna (an Elf named DarkWind); the general of the army (a human man named Cedryck Donall); and one of the archmages of the magic academy (a Lillend named Sia). The regent may make decisions on his own, but he seldom acts without majority approval from his ministers. He also has several aides that advise him on smaller matters of their expertise, such as farming, city planning, and seafaring. The regent remains in power until his ministers unanimously vote against his continued rule; until the Temple of Luna finds him unfit; or until there is sufficient public outcry to depose him. In all cases, the Temple of Luna reserves the right to choose the new regent.

2. Basic Laws - There are laws against all large crimes against humanity, including murder, stealing, rape, abuse, and other activities one would assume to be illegal. All weapons within the city must be peace-tied, save for those of the guards and the clergy of temples. None shall raise any fallen from the dead without express consent of the High Priest of Luna (currently an Elf named DarkWind). All those bearing dangerous magics, including (but not limited to) high mages, the Planetouched, vampires, lycanthropes, and the like must make themselves known to the regency. Failure to do so is assumed to be malicious in intent.