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Welcome to Punkin's Webring

S. & T. Watson's Yugioh Cards
Yu-Gi-Oh! site for categorizing cards and providing information on all the ways to play the game.
(joined 03/24/03)

The Knowledge of Ubi Dari
A pagan based site, created from a mother's perspective.
(joined 03/23/03)

I created this webring to build an online community, of diverse sites that a family can safely surf and enjoy. This webring welcomes homepages, children's sites, pet sites, family sites, children's entertainment and small businesses. We are open minded to other possibilities, so if you are unsure if you meet the criterta, feel free to apply. I will personally view your website, and if I do turn you down I will let you know why.

Requirements/ Rules

All sites in this webring must be viewable for all age groups. Meaning that if you have any inapropriate material posted on you site, it will not be tolerated.

This is to be a family orientated community, please keep this in mind if you are appling to this webring.

If you enter into this webring, you will be asked to specify the URL of your site. The URL that you enter into the system, (no matter what page it is) IS THE PAGE THAT YOU MUST POST YOUR CODE FRAGMENT ON. If you are to place the code fragment or SSNB on any other page but the one you specified when you entered into the ring. You will be in violation of this rings rules, and your site will be suspended until it is fixed. If you have chosen a specific page to hold your webrings, then that is the page you need to specify when entering into the system. If after reading this, you do not think you can comply with the rules posted here. Then this ring is probally not for you.

I will check into each site on a regular basis if you are in violation of any of these rules, I retain the right to suspend you or in very severe instances to terminate you from this ring.

Join this web ring

Join this web ring

last updated 03/24/03