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(Writen on April 7 2003)


Got no one to do anything or talk with? Stuck at home? Feeling moody about something? Well this is the list for you.


1-Curl yourself up in bed and think things over (i.e. the cause of your depression) until you’ve got your head straight...


2-Read Archie Comics (Or something you enjoy)…


3-Eat! Grab a snack!


4-Watch TV (see if there’s a good movie on, try out new cool series)...


5-Find someone to talk over your problems with, if no one’s there; go on to the internet chat or see if you have any buddies who can on msn and yahoo chats…


6-Draw; illustrate your feelings…


7-Listen to music…


8-Write in your diary, confide it in properly and pour out your feelings!


9-For girls (sit in front of a mirror and think of cool things and styles to do with your hair), then take a picture of yourself once you look good, put on make up, stylish accessories and look good, people are going to see the photo and admire how pretty you can be!


10-Take baths, lie down in a Jacuzzi, swim or go to a steam room and sweat it all out!


11-Sit by the phone, think of everyone you can call and call ‘em up, ask how they’re doing or just simply say “Hi”; keep up your social circle.


12-Make a list like this on things to do when depressed.


13-Open up your homework diary, planner or whatever and finish up any schoolwork left.


14-Surf for the best of jokes on the net.


15-Surf up on your favourite celebrities, read up on their news, read their interviews, look through their photos and see if you’re inspired to make your own website for them.


16-Christians- read up on the bible and check out religion, for Muslims take a quran and read it. Work on your religion. It’s the only thing that will help you after-death, and maybe it will easen your depression.


17-Flip through a magazine and chew gum.


18-Girls, work on your nails a little; do they need manicure or pedicure? Grab some nail polish and paint them.


19-Get a dictionary, think of all the words you’ve recently heard or read that you’re curious about and check out their definitions; it never hurts to expand your vocabulary and mind.


20-If you’re a good actor/actress, can play innocent, be cautious and not get caught: play a little prank call, dial up some crazy numbers of people who don’t know you’re number and don’t know you… even if it’s simple as going “May I speak to (make-up a crazy funny name) please?” and wait for them to say some thing like “no, there’s no ‘crazy name’ here.” then apologize, say it’s the wrong number and hang up. Put it on speaker and make everyone (who can take a joke) laugh with you. Even get an empty cassette and record it and call it ‘prank calls’…


21-(For little girls) get your beads and string yourselves some cool stylish and colourful bracelets, anklets, necklaces, earrings etc…


22-If you have an enemy or know someone you hate, sit down and write points on how you would like to see them suffer and be punished, stuff that you can laugh at them about. (Don’t really do them though; it’s just to make you FEEL better).


23-Make a list on things you’re planning on buying and shopping for.


24-Pamper your pets.


25-Hum a tune or song you really like—try and record it.


26-Make-up a song or poem. Try and make the end of the lines rhyme, use personification, metaphors and similes.


27-Read your about your horoscopes and star-signs on the net.


28-Go to and read up on what your name means and what personality it gives you, also in your friends and family’s if you’re interested; you don’t have to take it seriously, it’s only for fun.


29-Email an old buddy, relative or anyone that lives abroad; keep them posted on yourself, send them pictures, ask about them and tell to politely to reply back.


30-If you’re up for it, help your mom with a little housework, do some chores.


31-Create some paper fashion dolls.


32-Go through your nice memories; watch some old home videos, go through your old photo-albums, read up on your old diary entries etc…


33-Plot out a funny prank to play on your siblings or friends.


34-Smell flowers, go through perfumes, sprays etc; try out different scents- deciding which is your favorite and using them on yourself.


35-Brush your teeth and make sure they’re always perfectly white, go through them with the thread.


36-Girls, when did you last sort-out, thread or pluck your eyebrows? Make them a nice shape that suites your face carefully using a plucker and cut them short with scissors.


37-Girls again, did you consider body waxing?


38-Guys, shave!!


39-Trim your hair, haircuts are important!


40-Video-games!! Computer games! Play-station!


41-Get a ball, play with it, improve your sporting skills.


42-Sew or knit.


43-Play an instrument. Got a piano? Try creating a tune.


44-Get magic tricks book and practice some stuff you’ll be able to show others later. If you don’t have one, sure around the internet for good magic-trick websites- is a good source.


45-Look out the window; what shapes do the clouds make? See the sun move about and the moon changing, observe the weather, count the stars and make wishes, watch the people and objects move about.


46-Plan a party! Even if it’s a simple unoccasional one at your house. Get food, music, decorations, movies, games & prizes and any other forms of entertainment then make cards and invite your friends! Got a swimming pool? Tell them to bring in their swimming suites! If your parents don’t allow it at home then find somewhere else to throw it.




48-Make a home-video, record yourself as you talk, stunt and go wild! Sing! Play! Act! Roll the camera and ACTION!


49-Got Kazaa? Well download all the latest songs, list them all and begin to listen to them.


50-Invent wise quotes and phrases like “Life is magical, make the most of it.”


51-Plan, create then write out your own short (or a long novel); think about adding illustrations, make some characters based on people you know in real life, include plots and events that’s actually happened realistically. Design a cover for it and a blurb at the back.


52-Go through your wardrobe and plan out all your outfits for the next few days.


53-Guys, cut your nails! Make sure they’re clean!


54-Plant something. Get some seeds, make sure you know how to help it grow and nurse it properly, put it in a suitable pot with soil. Flowers are always good.


55-Make a comic strip about yourself. Let others read it. Remember to make the ending hilarious!


56-Create some dance moves. They’ll come in handy when you go to parties. Copy a famous dance pop star like Britney.


57-Cook something. The family would love a cake or an apple pie.


58-Practice your maths. You can never be too good at it unless you’re the new Albert Einstein.


59-Get your collection of magazines, new and old, and cut out some stars pictures. Then get an exercise book, make a page for each star. Then stick in a photo or photos of the stars. Rate their clothes. Make a comment about them.


60-If you haven’t got MSN, download it. Go on.


61-If there are any DVDs you haven’t watched, go and see them.


62-Tell the neighbours that they’ve been too noisy and you want the behavior to stop! A fight is a good way to occupy time.


63-Do some aeribics, gymnastiques or play yoga or karate. Fitness is important and refreshing.


64-Just figure out some way to get out of the house! Beg someone to drive you someplace and get permission of course.