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   Places you can go and Ride

How many of these places have you been riding your Harley?


Bike weeks are held in Daytona every year and are the best Entertainment in Daytona all year long. This year it is going to be held on October 16 through the 19th. Everyone gets all rilled up and they just all have a blast, some get into fights and some mind there own business. Losts of people set up booths and try to make money. Others are just there to have fun, lay back and watch all of the excitement.

  • There are campgrounds that you can camp at
  • Hotels to stay in
  • Trailer parking if you didn't ride your bike to Daytona

    Walnut Creek dealership of Harley Davidsons

    Five years ago Mike Muguire had purchased Bill Chaney Harley Davidson Motorcyles Inc. Mike was good friends with BIll and Josiane, but when will had passed on to a better life. Mike bought the place and Josiane still works there and is still manager.