Sir_Spook_ baby want you close to Me but not on Me and not at My feet
Sir_Spook_ reaches My hand to your chin
Sir_Spook_ places My hand under your chin and raises your head up so I can look deep into your eyes
Spooks_babygoldie *looks into Your green eyes*
Sir_Spook_ baby may I place this collar around your neck to give you My love, My strength, and My devotion. Allow Me to share Myself with you to protect and charish you
Spooks_babygoldie yes You may Love
Sir_Spook_ will you submit to Me with everything you have
Spooks_babygoldie i will Love
Sir_Spook_ then I place this collar around your neck and give you My heart and soul no one will ever have what I give you My love
Spooks_babygoldie smiles Master i promise to obey You, serve You, be guided by You and make You proud to own me for i am Yours to do what ever You wish. i love You Master
Sir_Spook_ I will except you for you baby, I will guide you down My path as I hope you guide Me down yours. I love you baby
Spooks_babygoldie smiles Master
Sir_Spook_ smiles baby
Collared on 1/1/05

Sir Spook n goldie's Collaring

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