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Wolfhome stuff by Shezie



Wolfhome stuff by Shezie

(omega name Omega_Shezie)


The info below the pose will tell you how much it is as it is, how much it would be in your own colors etc etc...


                                                 Stand/Smile Pose: $1.50                    Rolling with teddy pose: $1.50
                                                   just looking like this.                               just looking like this.

                                                    $1.70 for same pose in                           $1.70 for same pose in
                                                         different colors.                                        different colors
                                       $1.90 for same pose but with add-ons        $1.90 for same pose but with add-ons
                                                       like teddy bears                             like another teddy bear, a crown or hearts
                                          $2 for same pose with add-ons and                $2 for same pose with add-ons and
                                                            different colors.                                     different colors

More coming soon!....

How much do I charge for colouring peoples freebies??

I will charge 20c... Here are some examples of peoples freebies I have coloured. I will edit the freebies if the person who drew the freebie has given me permission (like the punk one when I drew my own clothes and hair on to the pose.) If I do have permission I would do something like that for 40c.

                                                                                         This one was actualy
                                                                                       edited 'cause I
                                                                                             added baggy pants with chain
                                                                                           and a punk top and
                                                                                          added cool hair to
                                                                                          her  look like a punk....

Backrounds and screenies coming soon :D