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Secret, secret!

Hello! This is where you (yes, YOU, you know who you are! ;) ) will receive your gifts for the Secret Pals activity at Green Dragon Inn!

Gift 1!

A Livejournal icon!

Gift 2!

A layout! (well, an "image map")
All you have to do is make a frame with it, add links on the navigation at the bottom, and add your title. I though you'd prefer to add it yourself, since you can write whatever you want (and you can then use it for any site you have). The font I used for the navigation is Japanese Brush, by the way.

Since we're now June 25th and that I can then tell you who I am...
Gift 3!

I hope you liked your gifts! :)

To make this page look cooler... I bring you the fellowship! (Sorry, Merry was nowhere to be found (he was probably stealing cabbages and other stuff, as usual), so I brought you Arwen. At least Merry wasn't with Arwen.................... lol Ah, I know! He's with Eowyn!!!!)


[Edit] Merry was finally with Rosie!!! I hope Sam doesn't know about it... lol [/Edit]