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Stories of the Safetypin Alchemists

Stories of the Safetypin Alchemists

All of these stories happened in real life. Luckily, there was someone around to take pictures of the insanity.

Ed vs. Wrath

Ed: *snore*
Wrath: hehehe . . .

Ed: *snort* What the?
Wrath: *lol*

Ed: *gets up* Why you little . . .
Wrath: Hey, come back here!
Ed: *steps on hand*

Ed: You give me back my real arm and leg!
Wrath: Wha! Nooo~!

Wrath: *pout* Ed is a big meanie . . . well okay, a small meanie . . .

Ed: Small?!?! I'm bigger than you ya shrimp!

Wrath: Hey! Get off!!! You haven't won yet!!!

Ed: Oh yes I have! I am the winnner!

Ed: *swings arm* *hits Wrath by accident*
Wrath: Itaiiiii!!!!
Ed: Umm . . . oops

Wrath: Whaa, that hurt!
Ed: I'm sorry! Are you okay?

Ed: So are you alright?
Wrath: *sniffle* Ya, but . . .

Wrath: I want payback.
Ed: Payback?

Ed: *sigh* *takes off coat* What? You want this?

Wrath: Yes! *comp* Bleh! Metal. You tricked me.
Ed: Hehe, flesh color gloves.

Wrath: Oh well. *glomp*
Ed: Wait, aren't we supposed to be fighting?
Wrath: Meh, we'll get to it later.

The Coat Switch Part 1

Roy: "Alright, since Ed's gone you're now my dog, um, I mean subordinate. Now give me your coat!" Al: "What? Why?" Roy: "Just do it. Here, you can have this one."

Roy: "At last I have the red coat!"

Al: "Now how do you put this thing on . . . "

Al: “Aw, I give up, this thing’s too big for me anyway.”

Roy: *smirk*

Al: "I don't think this works."
Roy: "Maybe not for you . . . "

Al: "Wait, what's that?"

Ed: " . . . what are you doing wearing my coat?"
Roy: "Ummm . . . well, you see . . . " *runs*
Al: "Ni-san, can you help me get this thing off?"
Ed: *sigh* "I go to Germany for a few days and this is what happens."