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Rosalia Fernandez Colmeiro - Biography

I was born in Paris. I first studied Music Theory (Specialized Solfege, Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue)at the Paris Conservatoire (C.N.S.M.). From Paris I moved to Switzerland, Geneva and graduated from the Geneva Conservatory in Orchestration, History of Music and Analysis. Finally I went to Vienna to study conducting at the Hochschule fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien. I am currently teaching Aural Skills, Music Theory and Music History at the Conservatoire International de Paris. Though I am working at the professional level, I am constantly learning. I am always interested in discovering new paths, new methods,and new ways of thinking. My strongest interests lie within the history of music theory, how composition was taught in the past centuries. I select the best ideas and synthetize them with the traditions I inherited from my masters. I seek efficiency.
As a composer, I have mastered a wide range of styles, from the Middle Ages to Impressionism. Thus I am able to express myself freely.
I like also to perform my own works. I am a concert pianist. Mastering an instrument is an important part of a composer's equipment; for someone specialized in tonal music (as I am),it is indispensable.

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