My Roleplaying Characters

Below is three of my main rping chars.


Ryan was born of Kahlan and Michael Amnell. He was born with two wings like his father and like his mother and father he had special powers he would find out later in life. At a young age Ryan had much lose in his life. His mother and father we killed by a demon and he had been left in a burning house on the same day. Luckily, his soon to be adoptive mother, Sara saved him from almost certain death. For some years he traveled with Sara through Rhydin and ended running into Dave. Dave was the leader of an alliance against the threat of the demons. Later Dave and Sara ended up getting married. There was much success in the up coming years for the alliance fighting the demons, but Ryan always said that the war has only begun. Ryan was not very popular among the soldiers mainly cause of the reason he only put them down when they came back with a victory. Ryan was very smart and started to work on his own tool to make it as if this war had never happened. Soon the war turned drastically and the demons started to slowly take back the land. Ryan now 16 was able to fight in the war. He was more powerful than other fighters and only used one weapon. He used his sword that he kept with him at all times. He hurried back to the camp the day that the demons had started to get within a mile of the camp. When he got there he went strait to his tent. He wrote down a few more formulas on his papers and stuffed them in a bag. He removed part of the tent floor and there was a small container in the ground. He garbed it and took out a watch that had been inside it. He slipped it on and walked out of his tent. He was almost ready to go. First thing he was going to make sure that his mother (Sara) was in a safe place. She had already left to the caves with a group of people. He looked around for Dave until he found him. His body was under a tree bruised and beaten; he was dead. Ryan then extended his wings and flew to the group of people that his mother had been leading to the caves. He arrived at the caves and landed in front of it. When he did he saw his mother running out to him. He said good ... she got here safe. His happiness was soon shattered when a spear came from behind his mother and went through her back. He ran to her and got down on his knees holding her. He started to cry and in a few seconds she died in his arms. The group of demons in the cave were laughing as Ryan slowly got up. He took his sword out of its' stealth and charged at them. Like a mad man Ryan killed every last one of them. After he had mourned a little bit and buried his mother's and Dave's body together, he activated his watch and it started to count down. He stood there for a few minutes until a large cylinder shaped portal came down from the sky. He was taken in it and sent back in time like he wanted. To his surprise it was not his world, but another Rhydin.


Description soon to come


Michael Amnell is Kahlan Amnell's husband. He is the father of Ryan Amnell and Arwen Amnell. He has lived on RhyDin for as long as he can remember, but never knew much about his childhood past. Actually, its not that he didn't know, its that he wanted to forget it. He had a terrible childhood. His parents and siblings were killed because people thought they were evil witches. After that he ran away to a small town in RhyDin. There he met a woman he loved very much, his first fiancée. But one day a man came in and robbed the bank she was working at... he set off a bomb that killed everyone... but he lived!!! Michael tried to save her... but in the end he was blamed for murdering her. He was run out of the town and went into seclusion out near the RhyDin water falls in the caves. That is where Kahlan first met him... was at the falls... there was something so strange about him... some sort of attraction to him... It turns out that they knew each other in their past life. They were both exiled from Heaven, their memories washed from their minds. When they first met they never knew... but now the truth is out and their memories are back. Their relationship has had quiet a few rough spots in it, the loss of our first child, Mike's evil alternate killing Michael, the discovery of Kahlan's past, the discovery of his past... Things can be overwhelming at times, but time and time again they stick together. Michael has deep green eyes, black hair that varies in length at times, and beautiful white wings that extend from his back. He also looks 21 but is much much older than that. Not exactly sure how old, something over 600 years though. He will look and stay in the physical condition of 21 years for a while, affected by the same spell that Kahlan was affected by.